Cathy Tsai 蔡欣晏

CIMS Introduction

The purpose of this Consortium is to link together three major industries in the world which produce display panels, LEDs, and semiconductors to engage in cluster collaboration and technological development. By boosting the economic development and efficiency of these three industries and promoting their expansion in global markets, this Consortium aims to a major supply hub for the global micro-assembly industry chain.

Industry News


從去年起,來自全球各地的LED、面板、以及系統廠商,便在各大國際展會中相繼亮相Micro LED相關產品,應用類別包含車載應用、室內小間距顯示屏等,帶動全球掀起一股Micro LED熱潮。在今年年初的CES美國消費電子展會上,也可見到包括台灣工研院。

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Consortium for Intelligent Micro-Assembly System CIMS to Provide Membership Services for Online Courses due to COVID-19 Pandemic

Since last year, manufacturers of LEDs, panels, and systems across the globe have displayed Micro LED-related products at major international exhibitions. Applications include automotive and indoor fine-pitch displays. This has kick started a Micro LED trend across the world. At the beginning of this year, leading industry players including Taiwan’s ITRI, Japan’s Sony, and Korea’s Samsung, LG, and Seoul Semiconductor have all presented the latest Micro LED technology at CES 2020.

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